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 ===== Recommended for Every Application ===== ===== Recommended for Every Application =====
 +  * [[Best Practices - Dev Area|Creating an Development/​Administration Area]] - This is a technique to create an area that is only visible in the [[Application Lifecycle Management#​Application Roles|Development Role]] or if you have given a user [[Security - Permissions|permission]] to see the area in [[Application Lifecycle Management#​Application Roles|Testing or Production]].
 +  * [[Best Practices - Global Application Settings|Global Application Settings table]] - This is something that is created in most applications in order to create settings that will pass from development to production, like storing payment keys and other configurations. The global application settings table also allows you to set defaults and filter database-driven selection fields.
 ===== Recommended Techniques to Consider ===== ===== Recommended Techniques to Consider =====
-*  [[How to Create an Invoice]]+  ​[[Best Practices - Dashboard|Dashboard Pages]] 
 +  [[Best Practices - Invoice|How to Create an Invoice]] 
 +  * [[Best Practices - UI Using Nested Navigation|User Interface with many levels of nested navigation]] 
 +  * [[Best Practices - UI Using a Master List|User Interface in a single list]]  
 +  * [[Best Practices - Third Party Communication With JSON|Communicating with a Third Party Service Using JSON and WSDL Actions]]  
 +  * [[Best Practices - Using credit card fields to process a transaction|Processing payment transactions using the Credit Card Field]] 
 +  * [[Best Practices - Create a PDF that can be filled out, submitted, and auto-uploaded into the Application|Create a PDF that can be filled out, submitted, and auto-uploaded into the Application]]
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