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 +====== Application Tabs ======
 +At the top of each page of a WorkXpress application has an area reserved for navigational application tabs.  These tabs are optional, but are helpful when producing a large application with distinct differentiation between departments,​ or for small applications where one tab per [[Table|table]] is desired.
 +Here is an example of an application with application tabs enabled:
 +{{ ::​application_tabs.png?​direct |}}
 +Configure the application tabs by turning on the [[Presentation Layer|presentation layer]] and clicking the blue "​Tabs"​ icon in the top left corner of any application. ​ Each tab gets it's own row in the "​Application Tab Settings"​ list.
 +===== Tab Title =====
 +Enter the displayed name of this tab.
 +===== Tab's Landing Page =====
 +This page will load anytime the corresponding tab is clicked on, including: First, the user is in a different tab and clicks on this tab. Second, the user is deep within this tab and then clicks on this tab.
 +===== Security Map =====
 +Define a search. If the search returns a result, the tab will be shown. A typical search might be "Find any 'group member'​ relationship between current user and the supervisor group..."​
 +===== Tab Order =====
 +Tabs are displayed in order (least to greatest) based on the number entered here.
 +The setting on [[Form Type - Page|page form]]'​s called [[Form Setting - Associated Tab|Associated Tab]] controls which tab appears highlighted when that page is loaded.
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