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 +====== Project Management tool ======
 +|< 100% 15% 15% 15% 35% >|
 +|**Company**| HC Nye|  **Application Description** ​ |This single-tenant application manages all aspects of lead generation, estimating, bidding and delivering commercial HVAC equipment. It was designed to replace large quantities of paper, spreadsheets,​ email and other document types, and in so doing, reduce confusion, increase revenues, and reduce costs.|
 +|**Built by**               ​|Siobhan Hyser    |:::|:::|
 +|**Hours to build** ​        | 120|:::​|:::​|
 +|**Internal or Commercial** ​ |Internal |:::​|:::​| ​
 +|{{:​hcnye:​hcnye_dashboard.png?​400|image}}|The dashboard provides an overview of all projects, grouped together by their status. Users can perform actions from the dashboard, such as adding a project or uploading a document to a specific project. User can also any alerts generated on projects they are involved with.|
 +|{{:​hcnye:​hcnye_add.png?​400|}}|When users add a project, they can add a variety of details but only the ones in red are required on this screen.|
 +|{{:​hcnye:​hcnye_project.png?​400|}}|The project overview page shows important dates and figures related to the project. Additional project information is available through a custom tabbed interface.|
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