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 +====== Enterprise Security tool ======
 +|< 100% 15% 15% 15% 35% >|
 +|**Company**| ITADS |  **Application Description** ​ |In a time when enterprise data breaches are at an all time high, and when the penalties for data breach are steep, The Watchdog monitors enterprise networks for devices which may contain secured or privacy data. \\ Any changes in the status of these devices are immediately brought to the attention of network administrators,​ and various remediation processes are orchestrated. This application is available for purchase from ITADS.|
 +|**Built by**               ​|Various ​   |:::|:::|
 +|**Hours to build** ​        | 480       ​|:::​|:::​|
 +|**Internal or Commercial** ​ | Commercial|:::​|:::​| ​
 +|{{:​itads:​dashboard.png?​300|}}|This is the dashboard of the app. Users can see an overview of the current state of a network'​s hardware - alerts about possible security breaches, statistics on the lifecycle stages of devices, statistics on the number of types of devices in production.|
 +|{{:​itads:​assets.png?​300|}}|This is an overview of the assets in the system, with details about the device and when it was last detected on the network.|
 +|{{:​itads:​deviceinfo.png?​300|}}|This page shows details about a particular device. |
 +|{{:​itads:​alertsactive.png?​300|}}|This shows a list of alerts by device family. Actions can be taken on the alert by clicking the red or green buttons.|
 +|{{:​itads:​alertsresolved.png?​300|}}|This view shows Resolved alerts. The plus signs on the righthand side of each layer allow the layers to open, revealing information.|
 +|{{:​itads:​admin.png?​300|}}|This page allows the application admin to control various aspects of the application. Various settings can be changed, such as how long a device can be in a particular status before an alert is created.|
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