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 +====== Set Browser Cookie ======
 +This action will let you build an [[Expression Builder|expression]],​ and then save the results of that expression into the browser cookie you specify.
 +===== Explanation =====
 +Set browser cookie actions are used to set a piece of data into the browser'​s collection of cookies, which can be later read out of the browser with the [[Expression Function - Read Cookie|Read Cookie]] expression function.
 +Example: Suppose you're building an application to allow people to receive links in their email that bring them to a [[Form Type - Page|page]] in your application that is a survey; and you only want to allow them to take this survey one time.  You can use a set cookie action to write a cookie into their browser that identifies each survey they'​ve taken so that if they try and take it a second time you can read that cookie from their browser and redirect them to a different page.
 +===== Settings =====
 +{{ ::​action_cookie_save_options.png?​direct |}}
 +==== What cookie do you want to set? ====
 +Enter the name of a browser cookie to set.
 +==== What value do you want to set in the cookie? ====
 +The result of this expression will be set into the browser cookie you chose above.
 +==== When should this cookie expire? ====
 +Choose a browser cookie lifetime option.
 +==== Describe this action ====
 +Useful as a comment, this description will overwrite the automatically generated description in the [[Action Manager|Action Manager]].
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